About us...


Kavalier has been the leading European producer of borosilicate glass for 185 years.   We offer a very wide variety of products which span the areas of domestic, industrial, laboratory and technical glass, pipes and industrial apparatus. Most of Kavalier’s products are being distributed under our brands SIMAX and KAVALIER , however we also customize deliveries of products on behalf of its customers and their brands. The diversity and technical complexity of Kavlier’s goods requires us to continuously innovate and to be a world leader of production processes and solutions in order for it to keep pace with market trends internationally.  Excellent quality is a tradition that Kavalier prides itself on and we meet and or exceed the requirements of the System of Quality Management based on ISO 9001.

We are a progressive and economically stable company. With a melting capacity of over 220 tons of glass per day, we are the largest producer of borosilicate glass in the world.

For many years, our customers have appreciated our creativity, high-quality technical facility, flexibility and excellent customer service. Thanks to our employees we are capable of fulfilling the ever increasingly diverse and complex demands of our partners.

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