Employee benefits

On site canteen

The employer is obliged to provide employees with cooked food as lunch and dinner in the canteen. An employee is entitled to one subsidized meal per day. The employer will also provide alternative cafeteria. Employee is not entitled to a subsidized meal when on leave, maternity leave and sick leave. The contribution from the Social Fund for a meal is 17, - CZK.


Menu prices (subsidies, including VAT) for employees in CZK


soup 8.00

Main dish 28.00

Daily specials 60,00

Vegetable salad 12.00

Fruit salad 15.00


Initial medical examination

Refundable compulsory entrance examination for new employees  by a company contracted physician. The refund will be made during the month following the expiration  of the probationary period, based on the doctor´s report. In cases where the job seeker does not take the position after passing the entry exam  or when an employee terminates employment during the probationary period, the employer will not refund the costs of the preliminary medical check.


The contribution to single mothers or single parents

Social assistance will be provided to an employee who is employed throughout the year, at the time the contribution is not on maternity or parental leave or can not be released for public office, living with a common law spouse and his average net monthly income does not exceed two and a half times of the Living Minimum. The subsistence minimum for a child will be calculated as the average of the statutory subsistence level for all ages.


Additional pension savings

The employer is obliged to contribute to employees for their own contribution to pension insurance or additional pension savings.


Subsidized language courses

The basic principle of the program is to encourage those who in the course of three months can effectively increase the knowledge of the English language. This course is independent from working hours.


Student support program

The program aims to support students and to motivate employees to improve their skills and acquire job seekers from among students.




  • The adaptation process
  • Education according to legal regulations - (periodic training and testing)
  • additional education
  • retraining
  • Studying on the job
  • Language courses