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Code Volume/l Size/mm
313 1,50
Ø 234 x 58
Ø 270 x 70
320 x 250 x 63

This three piece set (1.5L, and 2x 2.5L), made from high quality heat resistant Glass Simax and composed from 3 parts, is very practical and ideal for both classical and microwave ovens. It is easy to maintain, it can be washed in the dishwasher and is resistant to temperatures between -40° C to +300° C. It can be also used for storing food. Simax Glass is much harder than the regular Soda Glass. Even after repeated cycles in the dishwasher, it keeps its colour and remains as new. It is approved for contact with food both in household and professional premises. All products are controlled according the Health and Safety regulations of Czech Republic by an independent authority. All products are made from glass containing no Cadmium or Lead. Please let it cool down slowly and wash with non abrasive materials.

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Number Packaging Packaging pc Packaging kg Packaging m3 Packaging lenght mm Packaging width mm Packaging hight mm Pallete (pcs) Pallete hight mm EAN
313 GB/3 2 7,74 0,039 355 300 322 80 1775 8593419484704