About SIMAX Cookware

SIMAX cookware will serve not only for cooking but also for their subsequent storage in the fridge or freezer, heat and serve.

Transparency of the glass allows you to monitor the cooking process in the fridge and freezer the easy identification of stored food.

Glass is highly hygienic and ensures wholesome food preparation. Before first use, wash the cookware.

When using follow the principle of gradual warming and cooling.

Cooking utensils must be washed in automatic dishwashers conventional detergents.

Do not use detergents with coarse particles (such as sand or steel wool) that scratch the glass surface


Thick Stenn pan and baking dish
SIMAX casseroles and bowls are designed for the preparation of food in all kinds of ovens, including microwave and hot air. When baking not pour cold liquid. Products must not be built on the hotplate (including ceramic).

Thin Stenn products - pots, cups, pots
Products can be also used on electric, gas and glass-ceramic hot-plates, if the bottom of the container is less than or the same size as the plate. Use on a gas burner flame diffuser. Products marked with the appropriate pictogram on the label, can be used in a microwave oven.


Products, which are supplied with a plastic sealing lid, suitable for storing food in the refrigerator or freezer with a lid.

Do not freeze soups, sauces, beverages and other liquids.

Remove the plastic cover (except the type that is used for microwave ovens and is so marked) before cooking or warming up on the stove or in the oven.

Do not place dishes, straight from the cold, on a hot plate.

For pot with plastic ear not use too much hot plate to avoid damage to the ear by radiating heat.