Employees are the key factor of stability and personnel growth of the company. Our company prefers employees who are willing to combine their personnel perspective and the perspective of our company. We take care of employee’s wellbeing and motivation by offering ongoing skill development courses and competence in pursuit of company objectives. The loyalty of employees results in acceptance of responsibility for the company while increasing their flexibility and willingness to positive changes. We prefer teamwork and at the same time we create an environment for individual growth. We use all the tools of personal work that is regularly incorporated into staffing plans. Within the personnel policy:


  1. To achieve company goals, we plan and provide the number of employees needed. We employ people with the required knowledge, skills, competence and necessary flexibility. We organize and support innovatory movement.


  1. We respond to an ongoing process of changes in the external business conditions by a permanent optimization of the organizational structure in order to set clear responsibility and authority to improve mutual communication, while improving process management and customer-centered approach.


  1. We plan and implement employee training and development in order to develop their skills according to the increasing demands of customers and corporate objectives. To streamline the development of competence we use the support of modern information and communication technologies and progressive teaching methods.


  1. We take care of the working and social conditions of workers in order to increase their motivation, job performance, reliability, flexibility, willingness to change and a creative approach to improvement. We are building a company culture and we are increasing its attractiveness.


  1. We are working with schools by introducing a system of cooperation with students and pupils of elementary, middle and high schools. Primary school pupils are offered the opportunity of hobby groups. Students of high schools and universities are offered the insight into business processes through professional experience and the possibility of developing theses according to the proposed topics.


Personnel policy of our company is based on the following principles:

- professional and ethical conduct

- teamwork and open communication

- systematic increasing of staff expertise

- development of mutual loyalty


Among the most important tools of personnel policy are:

- communication with employees about the objectives, tasks and the company status

- employee motivation

- investment in skills development and skills upgrading

- performance measurement and quality


A top quality team of employees is the main condition for the prosperity of our company.