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Code Volume/l Size/mm
3403/F 1 186 x 164

Ideal teapot for all kinds of tea, glass as material gives tea the possibility to impress not only by its taste but also by look. Glass filter is easy to remove and you can use the pot without it if needed. Teapot is suitable for both electrical or gas stove (use flame disperser). Teapot is made from high quality heat resistant glass SIMAX resistant to both high and low temperatures, therefore is suitable also for ice tea making. Teapot is easy to clean even in dishwasher. It is approved for contact with food in both household and professional premises. Product is subject of control by Health and Safety authorities of Czech Republic. Made from  glass containing no cadmium or lead. Please cool down slowly. For cleaning use non abrasive means.

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Number Packaging Packaging pc Packaging kg Packaging m3 Packaging lenght mm Packaging width mm Packaging hight mm Pallete (pcs) Pallete hight mm EAN
3403/F GB/1 6 4,11 0,032 495 335 195 270 1905 8593419327131