Code Type Pressure (Pa) Consumption (Nm3/h) Output (W) Weight (g)
9500000814 Z1 Gas 1,5-2,3 0,13 1300 450
9500000654 Z2 Gas 1,5-2,3 0,23 2300 800
9500000813 P1 Propan butan 2,5-3,5 0,045 1450 450
9500000812 P2 Propan butan 2,5-3,5 0,08 2500 800


Laboratory gas burners are used in laboratories for the process of heating and annealing substances. The burners
should only be used in properly ventilated rooms. The burner consists of a pressed sheet metal base to which the
burner body with gas inlet and mixer can be attached. There is a rotating ring recess to the bottom of the burner for
controlling airflow to the unit. The burner gas type is marked on the base plate. Burner Types Z2 and P2 are fitted with
a regulating valve.