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Code Volume/l Size/mm
7356/7366 3,20 + 2,30 365 x 208 x 136

Thanks sufficient size you can prepare lunch for the whole family and during the baking you can watch the process of backing without the opening the pan. Its use is really universal, because you can there the dish bake, serve, store in the refrigerator and the food can be heated again. This practical baking pan with glass lid, with a volume of 3,2 L is easy to maintain - it can be washed in the dishwasher. It is made from high quality Simax Glass. It is suitable for all types of ovens, dishwasher, refrigerator, en electric stove and a gas stove with a flame disperser, but also for storing the food in the refrigerator. It is used for baking, stewing and roasting. It is approved for contact with food both in household and professional premises. All products are controlled according the Health and Safety regulations of Czech Republic by independent controllers. The products are made from  glass containing no Cadmium or Lead.

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Number Packaging Packaging pc Packaging kg Packaging m3 Packaging lenght mm Packaging width mm Packaging hight mm Pallete (pcs) Pallete hight mm EAN
7356/7366 SL/1 3 8,77 0,027 390 230 300 150 1650 8593419414848