Special wine bottle - Templar wine cellars

It is the largest wine bottle in the Czech Republic. Its owner is a wine cooperative Templar cellars Čejkovice.

The record breaking bottle has the capacity of two hundred liters and weighs forty-one kilos when empty and is the work of master glassmakers Kavalierglass in Sázava. The model was the  Templar´s classic bottle. The whole bottle has four parts - three are made ​​by blown technology and the fourth is pressed. The individual parts needed to be welded. The entire bottle is made from clear borosilicate glass, that is chemically and thermally resistant. After each process the temperature needs to be allowed to cool, due to internal stress in the glass. The main technologist of Kavalierglass a.s. explained  the technical process required during  the production of this special bottle.

The record holding bottle is adapted for use and cleaning with its special tap at the bottom.